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410-A System High Side PSI is 230 and Lo Side PSI is 34 Unit Is Not Cooling #

Recently it was found that many new installs this summer have experienced incorrect system pressures and frozen coils after a short operation period usually 30 days. The symptoms are typical of low Freon Charge, Stuck TXV or Dirty Filters. Our technicians ran into this early in the season and it required replacement of the TXV. The cause was unknown until later in the season and many conditions were to blame. The problem was experienced across numerous manufacturing lines and in every market. The majority of opinions in the industry focus on one culprit an additive used in the compressor manufacturing process to inhibit rust. The compressor manufacturer (unnamed) provided compressors for several brand name companies such as Rheem Carrier Trane ect… An chemical additive to solve the problem was produced to combat the problem and is now offered at most HVAC supply houses. The product is called A/C renew made by New Calgon Chemical Company. You must have a special injection canister to add the chemical to a system and run it through at least one hour. Once complete this simple fix will stop the sticking TXV problem and restore system operation to...