How Does Nitrogen Prevent Copper Oxidation When Welding In a New Air Conditioning System

  1. admin Staff October 20, 2014
    Heating the copper surface creates oxidation but using nitrogen during the welding process will prevent oxidation from forming on the inside of the copper tubing. An easy step by step process is used by our technicians and it starts with preparing all welds and dry fitting everything in place at the condensing unit and evaporator coil. Then starting at the condensing unit remove schrader valves from high and lo sides. Next connect the nitrogen tank to a nitrogen flowmeter (Turbotorch) then connect the other side of the flowmeter to the highside connection of the condensing unit. Open the valve to the nitrogen tank and then adjust the nitrogen leaving the flowmeter to allow 5 PSIG to flow through the condensing unit connection. Prepare welding connections as typically recommended and weld your first connection on the high side of the condensing unit. Repeat the process at the evaporator coil high side, next weld the evaporator low side and then finally at the condensing unit low side service connection. Done correctly this process doesn't take much more time than a normal welding session and in the long run you'll have fewer problems caused from oxidation in the refrigeration system.

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